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My daughter was so surprised and happy to receive these Christmas candies. And my husband… he was speechless. It takes a lot to make him that way. He just keeps saying, “that was really great. That’s just really great.” Thank you!


Came home tonight from a family member’s wake to find cookies from Made By Mary. A month ago I donated cooking supplies to you to help support our community. I had no idea how soon our lives would flip upside down and we would need a pick me up.  Thank you for all that you do. I wish we didn’t need the support but at times when you do, it is so wonderful to have amazing people in our town.


“I really want to thank you again for being a bright light in someone’s dark day. It’s easy for people to not do anything because they can’t fix the person’s problem but it’s not our job to fix. It is our job to try to help make the person not feel so alone and maybe get them to smile if only for a few seconds. Thank you for making this world, especially our little part of it, that much better.”