The concept of Made By Mary is easy to embrace: nominate, bake, deliver. The results of our community baker’s efforts are immediately realized by either a kind smile or tears of gratitude at the door of the recipient, words of appreciation posted to the Facebook page and certainly in the conversations we have with friends and family about the impact of our deliveries. Many members of our community have become passionate about what we do and the people we are able to serve.

 Our community supporters were kind enough to recognize our efforts by completing entries for the 2018 Rising Star Award for the Village of Mt. Prospect. These entries were reviewed and in December we were notified that we had received the award for “More People Ought to Be Like This”.

The announcement of our award was first published on the Mt. Prospect website and in the Daily Herald. We are honored to be recognized among all of the award recipients this year. Like them, we are passionate about our community and finding ways to make it better for everyone. 

Later that month, after one of our Made By Mary cheerleaders reached out to the Daily Herald, Eileen Daday interviewed the original “team” for a story in her weekly “Good News” column. The girls and I both did phone interviews and truthfully we can credit Eileen for helping us derive our mission statement. She also provided us a great moment of laughter when I overheard her interviewing Mary and asking what she liked to bake the most. Her answer, “I like to bake cupcakes because they are fun to decorate. I also like to bake brownies but usually we end up baking whatever we have the ingredients for in the house at the time.” #truth 

As it turns out, Eileen’s editor at the Daily Herald liked the story about Made By Mary so much that they will now be publishing the article in the “Communities In Action” section of the Daily Herald on January 28th, 2019—CIRCULATION WIDE. We are ecstatic that an article talking about Made By Mary and the simplicity of doing something for someone who needs a little encouragement will be seen in every edition of the Daily Herald and have the potential to be read by more than 90,000 people in the suburban Chicagoland area.

We would certainly appreciate if you would pick up a copy of the Daily Herald on January 28th (we will be buying significantly more than one) as a thank you to our local newspaper who is committed to covering the good things in our community and news. It is with great pride that we will be reading their coverage of Made By Mary in the Mount Prospect and Arlington Heights community.

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