Our local community, friends, and family have supported Made By Mary in dozens of meaningful and creative ways.  One of those ways has been by getting the word out about Made By Mary in the media and other online outlets.

In October of 2018, a sorority friend of Erin’s had requested that she be able to complete an application for Made By Mary to be highlighted by the group Stand Out Kids. Like Made By Mary, Stand Out Kids uses social media (in their case, Instagram) to recognize kids that have made a difference in their community.  Since its first post in November of 2018, Stand Out Kids has highlighted more than thirty different kids across the country who are trying to make an impact locally or globally.  Some examples of the kids’ efforts include anti-bullying campaigns, fundraising for improved awareness of various illnesses, donating money to the victims of national disasters and, of course, baking for good causes.

On December 24th, 2018, Made By Mary was promoted on the Instagram page of Stand Out Kids.

Made by Mary in the media

The copy read:

Meet Mary! Mary created “Made By Mary” which is an organization that bakes and delivers goodies to people in her community who need a pick me up.  Mary takes entries from people and then bakes and delivers these goodies to the sick, elderly, stressed, or challenged people in her area.  She includes a decorated note as well.  So far she has done around 90 deliveries and is always ready to do more. Thanks for being so awesome, Mary!

We encourage you (and your children) to be inspired by the initiatives that young kids are taking to make the world a better place by following Stand Out Kids on Instagram.  They can be found at Stand_Out_Kids.  Feel free to tag #madebymarycommunity while you’re there!

The team at Made By Mary is so thankful for any media publicity which brings attention to our mission of improving kindness and compassion while minimizing loneliness. If you are aware of any other media outlets that would like to help us spread the word about how we try to achieve our mission, please contact us through our website at www.madebymarycommunity.org.


Made By Mary in the media