In August of 1995, I headed down to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, spent almost 8 hours unpacking and then quickly prepped for my first day of sorority rush. Twenty-One sorority house visits later I knew right away the place I wanted to be–Alpha Delta Pi. I still had to go through three rounds of rush but my decision never wavered and, sure enough, I was initiated into the Sisterhood that year.

My sophomore year I took advantage of the leadership opportunities available at Sigma Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi and became President. To date–twenty years later–my parents would tell you that being an ADPi and the experience I gained there changed the trajectory for my career path and passion for leadership and volunteerism. A resume of Executive Board positions within the chapter weren’t the only thing I graduated with, however.

Alpha Delta Pi was the first time I believed in the possibility of life-long friendships.

Over the course of twenty years, some of the women of Alpha Delta Pi attended my wedding, welcomed my three children into the world, helped me network professionally and consistently supported the breadth of charitable causes I have aligned with–most recently, of course, Made By Mary.

Alpha Delta Pi sister, Michelle, was the very first person to nominate someone for a Made By Mary delivery. Leigh Ann, recommended Made By Mary to receive PR through the group Stand Out Kids. Erika purchased toys for a child nominated to Made By Mary because it was his 5th birthday and he otherwise wouldn’t have received anything. Shannon offered the name of a friend to receive a delivery and this week Molly will launch the third chapter of Made By Mary in her current hometown of Carmel, IN. These “big” actions on top of all the Facebook and webpage likes and shares across the country remind me that we truly do live for each other.

Sending Love and Violets to all you Alpha Delta Pi ladies. We would love to have you all on our Made By Mary team!